DIY summer shell packets. Beach memories projects on

Beach Decor | How to Display Shell Collection from Summer Vacation

This beach decor DIY project was made several years ago.   Inspired by a Stampington project I saw and for the life of me I can't remember

How to Make Summer Charm Earrings

It's now officially summer!  When the seasons change we usually make a change in our outfits.  But sometimes we just can't afford to spend much


Day After the Super Bowl Salad made with leftovers from our football party |

Buffalo Chicken Salad, aka Day After the Big Game Salad

I like to repurpose everything... even food.  So, on that rare occasion when we have food left over after a football party, I made something

Fudgy Brownie Recipe, My Family’s Favorite Brownies

Many years ago now I went on search of the PERFECT brownie recipe.  One winter I baked brownies probably twice a week, testing different recipes