Welcome to Duct Tape and Denim

Welcome to Duct Tape and Denim Handstamped Jewelry collage for home page | DuctTapeAndDenim.comWelcome to our website!  Duct Tape and Denim is my small handmade business devoted to creating and hand making unique, personal, and handstamped jewelry here in the USA.

My jewelry is available online in my Etsy shop, in some local shops and shows that I do myself, and in small boutiques across the country.  I also love doing custom work so please leave a message if you would like me to work on something for you.

I have a hard time restricting my creativity to just jewelry, as you’ll see if you read my blog.  So I’ve created tabs in the menu above for my other creative hobbies such as painting furniture, crochet, cooking, repurposing vintage, and more.

Please come join me in my repurposed life!

***NOTE: I’m doing a little ‘construction’ here on the website so please excuse the mess!***

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